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Sarah Goodfellow

I’m a fine art realist sculptor, primarily working in wet clay which is then painstakingly moulded and cast either in resin or bronze. I’ve always had a creative drive but only came to sculpting in recent years as my experiments in clay gradually became more and more sculptural. I went on to study the anatomy and techniques which allowed me to start producing the body of work that you see here.

I’m particularly inspired by capturing both the mood and form of my subjects. I always try to give the viewer a sense of an active ‘presence’. I find that a pose can impart so much meaning, the squint of an eye, the set of a jaw, puckering of lips or furrowing of a brow can totally change the way that we respond emotionally to a sculpture.

I like to imagine what it would be like actually to reach out and touch the animals that I create - if they were to settle within arm’s length, what would it feel like to be in their orbit? We have a natural curiosity about the animals that we share the world with that draws us to them, but if we do manage to interact, these are usually such fleeting moments. I try to capture such an instant when I create a sculpture. I work from accurate skull and skeletal dimensions, hundreds of photos and the physical subjects themselves where I can (much harder to do this with a polar bear than a Bull Terrier!).

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Conservation is something that I feel passionately about so where I can, I pledge to donate a proportion of the sales of my sculptures to the WWF.

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