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If you’d like to commission a sculpture then please do contact me, I love a new challenge so don’t be shy about the subject matter – Some of my favourite pieces are really ‘out of the box’ subjects!


Of course, I’m equally happy working on a beloved dog or cat and will do my best to make sure you are thrilled with the result.

Above is an example of a recent commission of a much loved family member: German Pointer ‘Barney’

Dimensions 20 cm x 45 cm x 30 cm including the oak mount

Here are a couple of examples of sculpture head commissions, Rafe (15 at the time) and Joe (17 at the time).  Rafe was on the cusp of adulthood: her closed eyes signify her inner reflection and sense of seremity, she wanted pink tones so I chose to escalate this with a tribal look pairing hot pink with dark charcoal.  Joe is a DJ and surfer so I chose to use the blue and greens of the ocean and designed a bespoke 'tattoo' for the back of his head to signify three things really important to him: music, breaking waves and family.

Approx 24 x 20 x 55 cm including oak mount. Cold cast with bronze and brass, spray paints.

The Process

The process for a cold cast is generally as follows:

After an initial phone or email conversation I’ll set a date to come and visit to meet you and your ‘Beast’ (or human)…. If it’s a more fantastical idea we can work from sketches and photographs.  If it’s a garden sculpture then seeing your desired location will be important. Scale is also a big factor – you may want for example a miniature-person or a giant owl…   If I can I’ll take as many of my own photographs as possible from many different angles AND either estimate or take some of the crucial measurements that will be used to ensure that the final sculpt will be as accurate and to your specification as I can possibly make it.

I’ll then go back to the workshop and build an armature and start the sculpt.  Things will go quiet, often, the longer the better as I will revisit my sculpt many times to ensure I’m happy – you can’t rush this bit! (I’d estimate 4-6 weeks)

I’ll then invite you to the studio to see the finished sculpt in clay to check you’re happy before beginning moulding and casting.  At this wet clay stage the clay is fragile and difficult to transport (i.e. It’s possible to meet over Facetime if it’s difficult for you to travel to me but ideally in the flesh is better as a face to face visit gives a much better impression of how the final piece will impact the viewer)

The moulding and casting stage will take a further 6-8 weeks depending upon it’s complexity.  I use different metal powders, pigments and waxes to enhance the surface of the sculpture so the patination process can be one of the really exciting parts, as the sculpture really starts to ‘sing’ .

The Detail

All sculptures can be placed indoors or outdoors and can be mounted to your specification.

Cold cast bronze and copper mix treated with pigments and waxes.

Commissions start at around £2,000 depending upon their complexity and size.  

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