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  • Sarah Goodfellow

Arts and Hearing

During lockdown I worked with other artists, research scientists, patients and staff from the audiology department at Guy’s Hospital through the Wellcome Trust to create a commissioned sculpture with the aim of conveying the experience of living with substantial hearing loss.

After listening to their insights and researching around the subject I chose to represent the statistic ‘One in Five’. One person in every five of us will experience major hearing loss at some point in their lifetime.

My sculpt represents this figuratively by offering two different viewpoints – from one side you see a solitary figure who cannot hear and appears isolated, but from the other you see four more figures supporting each other in their quest to reach the fifth.

Arts and Heading Logo and link to website

Whether representing family, friends, or in fact - scientists, I hope to evoke the sentiment that those with hearing loss are supported and cared for by the majority. Please visit for more information.


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