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Haartebeast Lion Lady

Haartebeast Lion Lady

Raver 4 – Hartebeest Lion Lady

So here I was experimenting with comparative anatomy. There was a life model in the studio who struck a very coquettish pose. I’ve always been fascinated by the Hartebeest as has the most extraordinary facial proportions – unlike almost any other animal, so I decided to see how sexy a lady with a Hartebeest head could be. I then gave her the gall and gumption to sit on the back of a lion which would usually eat either a human or a Hartebeest – maybe she’s used her powers of seduction to persuade it that it’s not a good idea.

Sarah Goodfellow Sculpture small .png
The detail


Without Base H 375mm x W 290mm x D 90mm

With Base H 488mm x W 290mm x D 165mm

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