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Lioness 2021

This is the first sculpture head I ever made, inspired by watching the amazing lionesses of Laikipia in Northern Kenya. It’s not quite life size but not far off – around 70% life. I wanted to capture the intensity of her “stalk” and how totally absorbed she would be on her prey. We were once camping in the bush when one of our team, who’d gone down to the river to collect beers, shone his torch behind him and realised he was being stalked by three lionesses which were directly behind him – absolutely terrifying!

Sarah Goodfellow Sculpture small .png
The detail

Sculpted in Clay
Cold Cast using bronze powder, resin and steel
Mounted on oiled oak
Appx 70% life size
Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 35
Edition of 8
Also available in bronze subject to obtaining foundry quote therefore PO

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