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Woman with Lioness 2020

These are the first figures in motion that I produced directly from a life model (posing for me at the Art Academy in London - well the human was from life – could have been tricky with a lion too). I wanted to show that the woman and lioness are relaxed and perfectly attuned to each other - it’s their relationship that’s important. As females they are both fierce and fearless. A bit of a tribute to all the fierce and fearless women in my life!

Sarah Goodfellow Sculpture small .png
The detail

Sculpted in modelling wax on an aluminium armature

Cold cast in bronze powder, resin and steel

Unmounted - stands alone

Approximately 25% lifesize

Dimensions: H 410mm X 390mm X 190mm

Edition of 8

Also available in bronze subject to obtaining foundry quote therefore POA

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