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Quron Guy

Quron Guy

Raver 1 – Quron Guy

This guy is ready to party – he’s fierce, fired up and roaring a clarion call. My initial inspiration came from shots of the guy with the headdress who was arrested for storming the capitol building in Washington in 2021. The triumphal glee depicted in this sculpture is definitely a guy inciting people to have a riot, albeit strictly in a party context!

Sarah Goodfellow Sculpture small .png
The detail

Without base H 380mm x W 155mm x D55mm
With Base H620mm x W 166mm x D143mm

All Ravers were sculpted in clay on an aluminium armature
Cold cast in bronze powder, resin and steel
Mounted on Oak Plinths
Edition of maximum five

Can be purchased separately, or as a group

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