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The General

The General

Warthog 2023

Who doesn’t love a warthog? I just had to make one…. They have so much character despite not having the option to pull that many facial expressions, as their skulls seem to be made up almost entirely of bone. They seem to express themselves with their general carefree attitude to life and how they hold their tails and ears. I particularly like that when they are chased into their burrows they whip round and dive in rump first so that their heads, with all their armoury, are facing outwards. This Warthog I christened ‘The General’ as he has an air of being very much in charge.

Sarah Goodfellow Sculpture small .png
The detail

Sculpted in clay on an aluminium and foam armature
Cold cast in Brass and bronze powders, resin and steel
Sits on any surface but could be mounted to order
Appx 80% life size
Dimensions 48 x 56 x 58 cm
Edition of 8
Also available in foundry bronze subject to quote so POA

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